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What is Major League Pickleball

Major League Pickleball is the professional sports league that turns America's fastest growing sport into a team sport. MLP boasts the large prize pools and most exciting environment in professional pickleball. There's nothing else like it.

It has attracted investors like Tom Brady, LeBron James, Mark Cuban and Patrick Mahomes. It has made major headlines across the country. Now Orlando has its very own team.


Major League Pickleball consists of 24 teams divided into two levels, the Premier Level and Challenger Level.

Major League Team:

  • The team roster holds four players
    • Two men's players
    • Two women's players

In 2023 there are six events where all 24 teams compete in the same weekend.

 The young league has grown exponentially since its inception in 2021. It has expanded from 8 original teams to the current list of 24. The original competitions were held at Dreamland in Dripping Springs, TX. Now the league spans coast to coast with events in CA, FL, GA and AZ. 

MLP is the product of Steve Kuhn, billionaire investor that has taken pickleball played at the highest level and made it more exciting and consumable for the average viewer. 

Rally scoring and the co-ed team concept make the league easily approachable for all players. The matches in MLP are some of the most engaging and intense that the game has to offer. 

Orlando Squeeze

Fans can easily get involved by following their favorite players or adopting the team closest to home. The size of the league helps bring new players into the spotlight and parity into the results.

Expansion is set to continue in 2024 as the league adds competitions and increases the broadcast reach. 

Follow the Orlando Squeeze at their 2023 competitions.

  • June 15- 16 | San Clemente, CA
  • Sept 21-24 | Peachtree Corners, GA
  • Nov 2-5 | La Quinta, CA
  • Dec 7-10 | San Clemente, CA


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